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  1.  Snap a photo of a Local Bali Dog or Bali Heritage Dog (definition below)

  2. Upload the photo to Instagram from a public account

  3. Caption image with the hashtag #brilliantbalidog

  4. Follow @brilliantbalidog on Instagram

  5. Photo must be received by 11:59 p.m. on May 13, 2019


Winners announced!

Who are the Bali Heritage Dogs?

Bali’s indigenous Heritage Dog is the oldest, most genetically diverse dog breed in the world. In 2004 -- for the first time in centuries -- Bali law changed to allow outside dog breeds on the Island. This has meant disaster for the Bali Heritage Dog. 

Crossbreeding and environmental factors are leading the Bali Heritage Dog to extinction. It is estimated that only 20% of Bali dogs have preserved their pure Heritage DNA. Local Bali Dogs, or mixed breeds with Heritage DNA, now comprise the majority of Bali’s dog population. 


Help us preserve this special breed!

Get Inspired

Photos of Bali Heritage Dogs or Local Bali Dogs that

highlight their rich history, sweet spirit, and unique attributes. 


Welcome to Brilliant Bali Dog!


Wise, Loyal, Loving, Strong, Smart, Powerful 


If your Bali Dog is available for adoption, please add the hashtag #adopt to your caption.

We hope to promote the adoption of our local Bali Dogs!


We'd be thrilled if any of our website visitors were inspired to give one of these bright and brilliant dogs a loving forever home.


Please include the dog's name, a little backstory, and show off their personality ... we would love to find homes for these amazing dogs!

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